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Our Story

The most demanding job in the world? Bringing up your kids! No book, article or video can ever equip you with the hands-on knowledge you need as a mom to handle the not so simple tasks that come with a newborn like changing a diaper (loaded with the intended discharge) Wouldn’t it be nicer if you could share these memorable experiences with other Moms who are going through similar situations? Someone who can empathize with you, laugh with you, share tips on parenting, or simply listen to you? You could form a close community of parents, share info, learn from each other, and rally around to help organize play dates and parties. Together, you can celebrate those exhilarating moments of parenthood and sail through those stressful ones.

Our App will:

  • Help you find like-minded friends in your neighborhood who you can rely on.
  • Help parents rally around and organize parties.
  • Keep you posted on all locally organized activities in the neighborhood.
  • Find new homes for those outgrown baby toys.
  • Inform you about the best baby-sitter around and warn you about the worst!
  • Get your kids excited about reading and swapping books by organizing a book swap.
  • Give a shout about your garage sale of toys, clothes, and more.
  • Do everything else a close-knit community would.



Find and chat with like-minded parents in your neighborhood.


Discover locally organized community events & activities nearby.


Organize an event or plan an activity within your community.


Give a shout-out and share something with your community or your cluster.


Check our insightful tips and articles on parenting, stories of moms, kids and more.


Discover the best spots for kids and families to learn, play, explore and more.

Meet The Team



I have always been close to my family. You can imagine four sisters growing up together under one roof! We had our own little community: The sisterly advice, the unconditional support and small talks were all taken for granted till I moved to Dubai about 7 years ago, and had my son Teo…and few months ago Kaï.

It was till then that I realized that I yearned for that sense of belonging, this family feel I had back home, this helping hand that reaches out in case I needed help or support in my motherhood journey or in case I needed a small advice on the most common questions mothers can have – like what is the best soccer or music academy Teo can go to, or the name of a good doctor – or simply to plan a playdate while having a chat over a coffee and share experiences with other moms.

Whenever I felt the urge of constant reassurance, I found myself reaching out to the most trusted sources around me – other moms like me!

Email me at: nancy@cloudhoods.com



As an ex-pat and mother of two amazing boys, Jad 9 years and Ryan 4, my biggest challenge has always been finding the right opportunities for my children’s’ growth and development, from organizing playdates with similar age groups, finding the perfect daycare or afterschool sports near me.
Being a frequent traveller, I understood the urge for relevant information and guidance a mom needs when she lands outside her comfort zone and spends a stressful time trying to simply figure out the world around her instead of creating memories and living the moment.
Through each milestone, I’ve always found answers through friends. Whether here or abroad – new moms or experienced moms – have been my support system! But it wasn’t enough! I felt the missing need to connect and find comfort in others who for sure, were passing by the exact same experience, mama friends who I might reach out to for support at the moment! You know, the ones who were spending sleepless nights rocking their babies to sleep in between feedings and diaper change – Just like I was.

Email me at: lara@cloudhoods.com




What is the Cloudhoods App? The Cloudhoods App is mobile platform that can be used by moms to discover, discuss as well as engage in local initiatives and events that are taking place in our communities.

Where is it available? If you are in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Sharjah, you can download the iOS or Android App and get started today. We are preparing to launch in other cities and invite you to join the initial launch group for the Cloudhoods App in your city.

Have any questions?